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Find out what it’s like to work at AISB and live in Romania from members of the AISB Faculty and Staff.

Dear Faculty and Staff new to AISB:

Welcome to the American International School of Bucharest; you are now part of a great team dedicated to excellence in education, working, living and, hopefully, having fun in a school located in a changing and vibrant city.

International schools truly are exciting and stimulating places in which our students grow and learn. We have an experienced international and local faculty, together with students and professional families from a multitude of different nations, which makes for a very diverse and multi-cultural community. Small class sizes, good facilities, supportive parents and motivated students create a very positive learning environment in the classroom, a place where students can be engaged, prepared and inspired.

To introduce myself, I graduated from Exeter University, in England, with a degree in Geophysics and embarked on a career in mining exploration. However, after a few years, the urge to travel precipitated a move to Israel to work on a kibbutz where I met my future wife, Jann. After a number of years travelling, Jann and I returned to England to get married and by then I had decided to make a career change and took an educational, postgraduate degree to become a teacher. Since 1980, Jann and I have undertaken numerous teaching or administrative positions, travelling with our children to Italy, Australia, Venezuela, United States, and Uzbekistan. Both our sons completed the IB Diploma and really appreciated the experiences that life has offered us by living in such different parts of the world.

As the Director of AISB, I am delighted to a member of this wonderful community; Jann and I are looking forward to meeting all of you over the coming months.

We look forward to making our 55th year a great year in the history of our School.

Dr. Robert Brindley

Hear the voices of AISB students as they share their experiences of life at AISB.

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